New Clean Water Fund (CWF) RFP timeline for 2025 projects! RFP application closes June 30, 2024.

Host an Individual Placement

Why host an individual placement?

Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa (CCMI) members value hard work, community service, and environmental stewardship. Individual placements are skilled adults ready to complete a wide variety of projects that will address a significant unmet need and directly benefit the communities served. Members join the Corps to give back to the community while gaining technical skills and exploring future career opportunities. Conservation Corps serves government, education, and nonprofit organizations for the common good.

What can an individual placement do?

Placements assist with or complete projects such as:

  • Community outreach: developing management plans; social media and email marketing; education and training event implementation; interpretive programming; landowner outreach
  • Survey and data collection: GIS/GPS mapping; water-quality sampling & monitoring; tree/plant surveys; fish/wildlife surveys; man-made feature/user surveys
  • Natural resources management: invasive species removal; planting and seeding; shoreline and streambank restoration; rain garden installation; trail clearing and maintenance