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Crews improve Perch Lake Park with assistance from charitable trust

Since 2012, Conservation Corps crews in the Southern District have been able to make substantial improvements to public green space in the Truman and Lewisville area, particularly Perch Lake Park in Martin County. This work has been made possible through funding from the Betty A. Lewis University Environmental Charitable Trust. Over the past four years, crews served nearly 1,000 hours to install fences, renovate trails, remove invasive buckthorn, trim trees, build steps and a playground, install erosion control features and assist park staff with maintenance.

Last week, the Rochester Oaks crew worked at Perch Lake and Cedar Hanson parks. The crew, led by Brian Krantz-White, worked with Park Manager Gary Engler to shore up trails that were eroding, plant seed, remove buckthorn and clear debris from trails and shorelines. Crew members included Eliciah Humphrey, Ashley Cornwell, Zachary Petrauskas and Andrew Fredrickson.

We thank the Betty A. Lewis University Environmental Charitable Trust for their support of this important work.