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Getting things done with Detroit Lakes DNR -Wildlife & our NW District

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) Area Wildlife office in Detroit Lakes, MN currently manages 52 Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) encompassing 26,995 acres in Mahnomen, Norman, and western Becker counties.  In addition to managing the WMAs, they work closely with county NRCS offices, watershed districts, local and state conservation groups, state and federal agencies, and private landowners on various wildlife projects. 

One of those collaborators is our Northwest District! In 2016, two notable projects were completed with the help of our NW crews.

  • Tree Removal:  Woody trees including invasive European buckthorn, cottonwood, box elder, and ash were treated or cut on 6 WMAs, helping to maintain the native grassland ecosystem.  On three of those WMAs; Hubbel Pond, Beaulieu, and Warren Lake, the DNR Roving Crew assisted with cutting, piling, mulching, and burning.  With funding from an Outdoor Heritage Fund (OHF) grant Conservation Corps Minnesota (CCM) cut and sprayed buckthorn on 3 WMAs improving 143 acres of prairie habitat.
  • Seed Harvest:  With the help of local cooperators, CCM crews, and the local Seed Consortium, 5,970 pounds of high quality local origin native grass and flower seeds were harvested on local WMAs.  All will be reseeded onto existing and newly acquired WMAs to restore and enhance prairie habitat in the Detroit Lakes Management Area.

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