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Disaster response through the years

Disaster Response Locations_2017.png
  • 2005- Louisiana Hurricane: Crews helped manage the donation distribution center.
  • 2006- Gulf Coast Recovery: More than six Gulf Coast Recovery Corps teams from around the country worked on a variety of construction projects to help the Hyman family complete their home. These teams included the Minnesota Conservation Corps, Vermont Youth Conservation Corps’, DC Gulf Coast Recovery Corps, Mile High Youth Corps (Denver, CO) and Southwest Conservation Corps (Durango, CO).
  • 2007- Florida Tornado: Crews completed administrative work, debris removal, chainsaw work to remove fallen and hazard trees, answering phones and documenting work requests, going door to door to get right-of-entry forms so crews can legally work on properties, tarping houses with roof damage and providing overall camp support.
  • 2007- Missouri Ice Storm: Crews provided chainsaw work on properties whose owners wouldn’t be able to do the work themselves. Homeowners were immensely grateful for the hard work and great attitudes our Corps member brought to their communities.
  • 2008- Iowa Flood: 5 Minnesota Conservation Corps members were deployed to Oakville, Iowa for a 25 day flood recovery effort. Members were in the forefront of the clean-up effort, assisting with the set-up and staffing of a volunteer tent. Members canvassed homes, documenting damage and assisted with the scheduling of clean-up efforts. The majority of the time during the deployment was dedicated to working with local and visiting volunteers to complete hands on clean-up efforts of personal homes. Members mucked (pulled the muddy belongings out of homes) and gutted (knocking down walls and pulling up floors) 63 houses total, removing 454.5 cubic yards in cooperation with 1426 volunteers.
  • 2009- Red River Flood: 5 Minnesota Conservation Corps members were deployed to Moorhead. The Park Rapids crew and DNR park rangers sandbagged frantically to protect camping and picnic areas at Buffalo River State Park near Moorhead. 
  • 2011- Joplin, Missouri Tornado: Crews helped with volunteer coordination, debris removal and donations management.
  • 2012-2013- Hurricane Sandy: 1,200 people sheltered, 10,000 meals served, 644 homes gutted, 6,000 wellness checks completed.
  • 2013- Alaska Ice Dam Flood: 48 structures mucked/gutted, 90 damage assessments, 76 tons of debris removed, 96 hazard trees, 48 meals served, 426 loads of laundry completed, 25 cords of firewood cut and delivered, 480 volunteers for 4,168 hours.
  • 2013- Oklahoma Tornado: Crews provided assistance for volunteer and donations management in order to aid the transition to long term recovery support. 
  • 2015- South Carolina Flood: Crews conducted call downs to more than 650 homeowners and coordinated with United Way to input cases in Crisis Cleanup. They also implemented a system to match volunteer agencies with homeowners that had unmet needs and created and distributed resource information including a Recovery Newsletter and Volunteer Host Site surveys.
  • 2015- Saipan Typhoon: Crews collected survivor data, created and managed volunteer database, updated website, trained new AmeriCorps members and other volunteers, and helped to identify unmet needs in the community.
  • 2015- Texas Flood: Crews helped register and coordinate volunteers, maintain and update databases, completed over the phone wellness checks and follow-ups with homeowners, scheduled & conducted home assessments, removed debris, mucked and gutted and led volunteers.
  • 2015- Illinois Tornado: Crews worked at the volunteer reception center, assisted with volunteer management, chainsaw operations and other tasks as assigned.
  • 2016- St. Louis Flood: Members were involved in direct service flood relief activities including mucking and gutting of homes, sanitation and debris removal. Members also worked in a call center contacting survivors and working as part of home assessment teams. Members worked as leaders and trainers.
  • 2016- Hurricane Matthew: Crews worked on debris removal, tree work, roof tarping, home assessment, gut/muck and mold remediation and volunteer management.
  • 2016- Louisianna Flood: The bulk of members were tasked with mucking/gutting and mold suppression of flood affected homes. They also worked to improve the survivor intake process, consolidated and presented relief effort outcomes data and also helped with facilities management and food services. 
  • 2017- Hurricane Harvey: Crews have been sorting and distributing donations of food, clothing and other supplies. They have also been mucking & gutting ‘high priority’ homes impacted by the flood.
  • 2017- Hurricane Irma: Nineteen AmeriCorps members and two staff deployed to Fort Meyers to assist survivors of Hurricane Irma for a 30-day service.