Clearing a Path

By Alyssia BellIDEC fellow

There is so much always around me
The bushes are thick with their summer leaves
Twigs and branches snapping beneath my feet
The sounds of nature I take in with glee
But the humid air makes it hard to breathe
The sweat on my brow makes it hard to see
Someone, anyone help guide me, please
I cannot clear this path on my own

Scratches on my legs
Bruises on my knees
I’ve fallen too many times amongst this debris
Dirt on my face I’m an unsightly mess
Don’t mention the aroma I possess
Tumbling and fumbling I seem to do the best
Will I ever make it out of this
I cannot clear this path on my own

Days, months, and years, I’ve spent here
Making plan after plan to get from here to there
But when implementation rears its face
All the decisions I make seem to be amiss
I’ve trudged through the muck and the mud for far too long
The bugs in my hair have made it their home
I cannot clear this path on my own

If a tree falls in the forest with no one around
Does it still make a sound?
I’ve been screaming and shouting
Someone, please hear me
Stabilize me, help me get my footing
Move the branches and the nests
And I promise you I can do the rest
I cannot clear this path on my own

But once it is cleared
And the work is done
I will go back and bring everyone
Because no one can clear a path on their own