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Fishing Opener in Minnesota

Boating at sunrise

By Brent Cordie, Metro Field Crew Member / AmeriCorps Member


Opening Day of Fishing in Minnesota is a tradition many Minnesotans take part of each year. This year on that opening day be sure to be ready to hit the lakes and rivers to enjoy the outdoors while casting a line in the water. Stop for a second while you’re out there to appreciate the lake, stream or river you are in front of. Enjoy the view you have and the small things all around you. This is what makes up our world from waves of the water and ripples that flow through it. To the insects that fly and buzz. To the frogs and birds that sing their songs to us as we cast a line in the water. Then while you’re sitting there enjoying the view you don’t even realize what is happening to you. The line is tightening oh so tight you realize you have a bite! What could it be? The very thing you came out to see. The jumping of a fish on your line as it flies through the air showing off its beauty. The excitement can be felt through your veins as it’s finally happening. The splash of the water as it goes back in for another jump. Again and again. There’s a big fish on my line, you focus in and forget about everything else you’re just in the moment you and the fish. It’s a brief fight normally, usually only a few minutes but in that moment you can find yourself in touch with nature. This is what’s all about on that opening day and all the other days of fishing through the years. Finding yourself in nature and appreciating it for what it is. Remember don’t take what you don’t need as well so that future anglers can have the same opportunity as you to catch fish in the spots you enjoy.  This way we can have healthy and thriving fisheries throughout our lakes and rivers. When we take care of our water ecosystems we are ensuring that future generations will be able to enjoy them as we do today.


[Image Description] Brent holding up a bass smiling at the camera on the water.
[Image Description] A sunrise over the lake as seen from the back of a fishing boat.
[Image Description] Looking down a fishing rod towards a lake on a early morning.