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Northeast crew cleans up Wellstone Memorial Trail

Our Northeast Minnesota crew, based in Tower, volunteered to clean up accumulated debris on the Wellstone Memorial Trail in the Virginia/Eveleth area on March 26. A few large trees were down along the trail and a fair amount of dead/hazard trees, broken tree tops and branches were leaning over the trail and signs. Darian Motamed, field specialist based in Moose Lake, demonstrated how to safely cut and fell larger, hazard-type trees, providing valuable training for those new to our program and chainsaw use. Crew members included Andrew Allaby (crew leader), John Greiner, Caleb Cowden, Shannon Kahrig and Lisa Alton. Louis Haut-Prokop, Wellstone Action executive administrator, welcomed the crew’s maintenance efforts since there is not a funded maintenance plan in place. “Thank you so much for all the work you and the crew have done to preserve the Wellstone memorial site,” he said. “We are very grateful for your tremendous efforts and care put into keeping up the trails.”
Photo: John Greiner (yellow helmet), crew member, and Darian Motamed, field specialist, clear a tree hazard from the Wellstone Memorial Trail.