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Corps member service recognized on Timberwolves center court


Onscreen from left: Tim Johnson-Grass, Mark Wilson, Timberwolves Team President Chris Wright, Derick Schneibel and Tara Sloane.Just hours after the last of our corps members returned from the East Coast, where they were deployed on disaster response, several stood on center court during halftime at a Timberwolves game to be recognized for their service. January 30 was Conservation Corps night at the game, and featured a PSA about the Corps and game seats for all corps members who served during the deployment. In total, four teams (94 total corps members) deployed over a three-month period, most for 30-day stints that involved long days in tough conditions.

Read this first-hand account of one corps member’s experience of how deployment changed her life.

Their accomplishments included:

– 24,000 hours served (equivalent to 11.5 full-time workers for one full year)
– 6,000+ volunteers managed
– 20,000 hours leveraged through volunteers recruited and managed
– 776 houses mucked/gutted
– 10,000 meals served
– 3,000 door-to-door wellness checks
– 1,200 people sheltered

Thank you 3M for generously donating 17 cases of respirators, filters and safety glasses for our corps members. Our crews, and the volunteer groups they led, were in dire need of respirators and other protective equipment as they gutted homes and removed mold, drywall, plaster and fiberglass insulation. 3M responded quickly in the interest of our corps members’ safety.