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Project Get Outdoors

This year, Conservation Corps placed 12 young adults in year-long positions – called Individual Placements – with conservation nonprofits or government agencies. These members serve full-time at a host site for their entire term of service. One of our current placements talks here about his experience:

By Andrew Ulven, Community Mapping and Outreach, Project Get Outdoors

I am currently serving in the Conservation Corps Individual Placements program, working with a nonprofit organization called Project Get Outdoors (GO). Project GO’s mission is to get youth outdoors by making safe and memorable after school and summertime outdoor experiences available to those most in need. As technology becomes more prevalent in our daily lives and screen time increases for our youth, many have become disconnected from nature and struggle with obesity, anxiety disorders like ADD and ADHD, and other health issues. By connecting youth with adults passionate about the outdoors, we hope to foster in youth a lifelong appreciation for the wonder of nature and its calming health benefits. Read more.