If this truck could talk

By: Angela Mohar

At first glance, this truck simply looks like any other work truck with a few dents and scratches for added character, but it really is the sixth and probably the most important member of the Three Rivers II crew. I decided immediately that I would call it Bench Seat (it’s not really a creative name since the front seat is an undivided bench seat), and was even the namesake of our crew during introductions at orientation. Sadly, the truck is an inanimate object. However, if this truck could talk, it would have plenty to tell from its time in the Conservation Corps. From this past term, there are plenty of stories to tell.

Our truck is the equivalent of the office water cooler (it does in fact carry around our water jug). It would tell of crazy and really out-there morning conversation topics. Topics ranged from what we did over the weekend to politics, stupid news stories, to what-if scenarios. While those don’t seem all that weird, you would really have to know the crew to understand what specifically these topics could be and how zany we can get. There have been many mornings where the whole crew is in stitches, and I personally close to tears, from laughing so hard. Having everyone start off the day with high energy is such a great thing.

Speaking of crazy conversation topics, the truck certainly won’t forget all of the times we and sometimes another crew would sit in the back over break or lunch (where I’ve almost choked because I was once again laughing too much). Then there were the days that we had to sit inside to warm up when it was unbelievably cold. Those were some of the hardest days (other than the few really toasty ones we had this past summer), but having a truck to warm up in and get back out to work made all the difference in the world.

The weather really did play a huge role during the term. There was one time that we got caught in a downpour during spring planting season while rolling up the hoses. We all were very happy that day to take refuge and warm up in the truck. All that rain we had last spring played a role in one of the most interesting incidents of the term. On a beautiful, sunny day in late May after a weekend of rain, our truck attempted to rescue another Corps truck from a muddy horse trail. Attempted is the key word, but it made for an unusual bonding experience for all involved.

While there are many more stories that surrounded the truck I could share, I can’t put them to words, don’t remember them all, or just want to keep them between me and the rest of the crew. Even though so many will be lost with time, what’s most important is that this truck would tell of five people from different backgrounds and places that came together to form an unforgettable crew and learned to howl together. Yep, we howled.

Thank you for reading my blog these last several months. It has been both a pleasure and a challenge to share my thoughts with the internet community.