Price receives Corps Network Legacy Achievement Award

Executive Director Len Price has been selected to receive the coveted Legacy Achievement Award from the Corps Network, an honor given to two people each year who are national conservation corps leaders and have made significant, lasting contributions to the corps world. Len has carried forward the spirit and legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps and honored those who built the foundation of our program. He spearheaded raising funds for a CCC memorial at one our premier state parks, hosted CCC alumni meetings and events and listened to and retold hundreds of their stories. Len will be remembered for saving Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa when it was slated for elimination from the Minnesota DNR and for the organization’s incredible growth, entrepreneurial innovation and local and national leadership.

Price’s true legacy is in his humanity. He reminds us that people come first, always and without exception. Relationships matter, not because of what a connection can gain, but because you have an opportunity to connect with another person and when you do, you just might make the world a better place. This ideal has shaped the very nature of our organization and will continue to do so for years to come.

Congratulations Len!!!