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Volunteers make record-setting number of seed bombs

With the sun warming REI’s outdoor patio in Bloomington, more than 50 volunteers gathered on Friday, April 10 to make 147 dozen seed bombs. Hands worked fast to make this record-setting amount, which will be distributed by Conservation Corps youth and young adults in natural restoration areas. 

Seed bombs are made from mixing clay, compost, sand and native wildflower seeds, and then forming the mixture into small balls. When dry, they can be tossed onto the ground (not buried) and will eventually sprout and grow into deep-rooted plants. The formation of the balls protects them from animals and unfavorable conditions, allowing the seeds a better chance of survival.

A very special thanks to all the volunteers who came out to make the seed bombs! And to REI, an amazing partner and supporter of Conservation Corps’ volunteer efforts.

Make your own seed bombs! Here is the recipe we used, using seeds native to Minnesota.

Check out photos below.