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And the winners are…

Fire, wildlife, hard work, dirt and jaw-dropping scenery ― all subjects of our 2015 photo contest. With 101 submissions from 25 photographers, we all got a glimpse of the awesome work our crews do every day. After a nail-biting public vote on Facebook, we ended up with a Corps photo contest first – a tie for first place! Winners received an REI gift card and their photo printed on canvas. Even submissions that didn’t place in our contest were recognized for their talent. The Corps Network featured two of the submissions – by Ryan Schmit and Brett Stolpestad – in their Photos of the Month post! Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest, for sharing your hard work and beautiful photography. Keep an eye out for this year’s contest, which will be starting in March!

1st Place (tie): Andrew Seagren and Jay Davis
2nd Place: Allie Dolezal