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Introducing new Corps blogger!

New Blogger: Rose Lundy

Youth Outdoors crew member, Rose Lundy

Youth Outdoors crew member, Rose Lundy

Rose is working with our Youth Outdoors program this summer. Learn more about her below and stay tuned for her biweekly blogs!

Favorite food: Mangoes. 

Best things to do on a rainy day:  Listen to mellow music and read a good book.

Favorite outdoor activities:  Everything is better outdoors! But if I had to choose, I would say ultimate frisbee, hiking, camping and music festivals.

Hobbies: I love listening to and writing about music (that might be obvious by now). I play the guitar and saxophone, but not nearly well enough to achieve my dream of becoming a rock star. I also love traveling, dancing, reading and writing. 

Person or experience that has most influenced your life: I was part of the Sansei Yonsei Kai Japanese Dance Troop for 10 years through elementary school, middle school and high school. Through this experience, I learned complex dance moves, leadership skills and confidence, all while wearing the many layers of a kimono.