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Meet our 2017 bloggers!

Name: Aimee Junget

Crew: St. Paul Crew

Hometown: Chaska, Minnesota

College (if attended): University of St. Thomas

Favorite food: Pad Thai

Hobbies: Running, hiking, brewery-hopping, and NPR.

Favorite outdoor activity: Camping!

Person or experience that has most influenced your life: My Grandpa. He is someone who never stops learning and is always curious! Whether it be building his own telescope or learning how to sail in his 60’s, he is always eager to try something new. When I was younger, he was always patient in answering my questions and inspired me to never stop discovering the world around me.

Name: Alaine Dickman

Crew: Central Water Trails

Hometown: Merrill, WI

College (if attended): McNally Smith College of Music

Favorite food: The Lornacita – a family secret.

Hobbies: All music activities, running, writing and exploring the great outdoors

Favorite outdoor activity: Walking and running with my boxer, Marco

Person or experience that has most influenced your life: My parents and four older siblings.

Name: Erika Birnbaum

Crew: Duluth

Hometown: Iowa City IA

College (if attended): Iowa State University

Favorite food: Strawberries, Mac and Cheese and Potatoes

Hobbies: Reading, Hiking, Watercolor, Sketching, Photography

Favorite outdoor activity: Snowshoeing or Mountain Hikes

Person or experience that has most influenced your life: I spent three and a half months in Newfoundland Canada and fell in love. I found my people and was able to go snowshoeing and hiking up mountains everyday if I wanted. Living with very little taught me what I value most which is being able to pursue hiking, photography, friends and cooking. My dream is to get a job working with all the tourism and natural resource management there. The decisions I made after returning to the States has been with that goal in mind.

Name: Kristina Luotto

Crew: Rochester Aspens

Hometown: Sunnyvale, California

College: Seattle University in Seattle, WA

Favorite food: Burritos

Favorite outdoor activity: Bike riding

Hobbies: Cooking, reading, crocheting, listening to podcasts, hiking, traveling 

Most influential experience: Studying abroad in New Delhi, India for 4 months

Name: Lauren Waldrip

Crew: Youth Outdoors 3 / Bridges Crew

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

College (if attended): University of Texas at San Antonio

Favorite food: All Food. Fried mushrooms with Ranch. Jager schnitzel. Enchiladas verdes. Bread. Plantains.

Hobbies: I’m on the hunt for a good hobby, but I do enjoy sleeping in with my dog, Cash.

Favorite outdoor activity: I like to go on hikes and take an absurd amount of iPhone pictures.  I volunteer with citizen science surveys. Those are pretty fun. I went caving recently, which was also super cool.

Person or experience that has most influenced your life: My boyfriend, Cody, and I just moved from our hometown of San Antonio all the way to Saint Paul, MN. While there have been some “cooler” experiences in my life I could mention, I think this is the big game-changer. It was one of those decisions that really changes the path your life is taking.