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Snapshots of new friends

By: Erika Birnbaum


Bumble Bee: While cleaning up some turtle scrapes the Duluth crew came across a cold little bumble bee that took a liking to the crew right away. When putting him back where he was found, he was reluctant to let go of his new friends. 


Woodchuck: First day fire staffing the Duluth crew met this shy but curious woodchuck. Popping his head out of his den for a few minutes while Duluth made their introductions. Later on the woodchuck joined a crew member for their lunch. 



Blue Heron: A blue heron called the quiet bay near Duluth’s lodgings home. He made appearances throughout the week, swooping inches from the water, showing off to his new neighbors.

Beaver: Bear Head Lake was a Beaver Resort. One canoe outing keeping track of all them was too much. They had fun slapping their tails as the canoes came too close, just trying to say hello. While out clearing trail the crew came upon a massive beaver damn, with his mansion sitting out farther in his little kingdom. 


Turtle Scrapes: While no turtles came out to check out their improved nesting sites, Duluth crew knew their hard work would pay off. Through giving wood turtles a safe nesting site, the crew hoped for a bright future for the eggs.





Muskrat: S’mores night at Bear Head lake was interrupted by a stealthy little muskrat creeping around the house.





Vole: While checking out a massive beaver dam one of the Duluth crew caught a little vole. This critter was not interested in making any friends. After the photo shoot he was released and he scampered away, glad to be rid of us.