New Clean Water Fund (CWF) RFP timeline for 2025 projects! RFP application closes June 30, 2024.

State Fair fun

  • Booth activities engaged hundreds of people who learned about conservation, invasive species removal, and the work of Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa. (You could estimate engagement in the game based on the number of bobbers and bags you ordered. i.e. Over 2,000 people participated in the “Guess the Invasive Species Game.”).
  • Over 100 people signed-up to receive more information about programs and events.
  • Over 20 alumni participated in Corps Day on Saturday, September 2, 2017. Several shared how Conservation Corps impacted their lives by writing their stories, including the following:

“I really enjoyed planting trees and installing tree tubes to help continue growth for years to come.” – Christopher Jarewitsch

“One of my fondest memories of my service year is teaching youth environmental education! I made so many new friends who are also passionate about preserving the outdoors.” – Andrew Moua