New Clean Water Fund (CWF) RFP timeline for 2025 projects! RFP application closes June 30, 2024.

Updates & Stories

Harvest Season

The temperature flexes between sultry and crisp as the year sheds summer like a snake pouring out of its old skin. The fields mottle—half green and half yellow as the corn dries and begins rattling in the wind. In small towns, the silos process sweet corn. Trucks stacked with green cobs line up and dump their harvests onto conveyor belts that shuttle them into buildings where blades shred the husks and sever the kernels. Read More

Oriental bittersweet

The cold weather has begun to set in here in southeast Minnesota! The leaves have been changing colors and many plants are losing their leaves, which means it is time to cut and spray invasive species that stay green long after other plants have died off for the winter! In addition to buckthorn which we have been feverously cutting because their ivy green leaves stick out like an eye sore, we have been searching for, GPSing, cutting and spraying the roots of invasive Oriental bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus). Read More

Rain couldn’t dampen 80th Birthday spirit

We appreciate all who braved the drizzle on September 14 to help us celebrate 80 years since the beginning of the Civilian Conservation Corps. Thanks to the covered DNR stage, we heard great live music all evening and gathered to honor five alumni from the original CCC who attended. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton even proclaimed the day as CCC Member Appreciation Day! Read More

Bombs away for a native habitat

More than 200 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota employees stopped by the Conservation Corps table at the company’s annual CareFest on Tuesday, September 10 to learn about our programs and make seed bombs. Read More

Corps members bring hope and help to Alaskans devastated by flooding

During some of the hottest days of summer when many of us were cooling off at the lake, 23 corps members and one staff person deployed to the remote town of Galena, Alaska to work in chilly, damp weather, helping locals recover from a devastating late spring flood caused by an ice jam on the Yukon River. Read More

Corps crews dispatched to BWCA fire duty

After hot, dry conditions in northern Minnesota sparked several fires in the BWCA in August, two Corps crews were called on to assist in bringing one of them under control. The U.S. Forest Service flew crews from Mankato and Brainerd into an inaccessible area on the south arm of Knife Lake, northeast of Ely. Read More

AmeriCorps celebrates 20th anniversary

On September 21, AmeriCorps celebrated 20 years of “getting things done for America.” National service champions, community leaders and AmeriCorps members past and present gathered together in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the impact of 20 years of service -- and envision 20 more. Read More

Grease monkeys for a day

For the first of two fall All Corps Days, corps members from different programs came together to learn about alternative transportation and bicycle advocacy and get their hands dirty working on bikes. On Monday, September 16, Individual Placement, Youth Outdoors and Corps staff members gathered at Minnehaha Falls to learn about existing pedestrian/bike trails and plans to develop more in the metro area. Read More

Projects set in motion

As we go week to week working on different projects, it’s easy to consider our work done, the projects finished. This makes sense for most projects; you paint your walls and they’re painted until you paint them again, you build a deck and it’s there until you remove it. When working with nature, as we typically do at the Conservation Corps, it turns out projects are rarely done.  Read More

An exercise in taste

 “Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.” ― Orson WellesFor eight months, my crew has intensely pursued culinary adventures. We snacked on Mexican style marzipan, chili seasoned mangos and homemade pretzels. We feasted on elk, venison and bear. For lunch, we unleashed Tupperware full of bulgur salad, pesto and roasted chicken. And notoriously end the day in a frozen yogurt haze. Read More