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A (Seed) Bomb Grand Opening

Who knew a small, rolled up piece of clay, compost and native seed could cause such a bang! These little balls (AKA seed-bombs) create a plentiful, flowering wonderland, often in places gardeners cannot reach. Luckily for Jester Nature Park Center in Granger, Iowa, they got the full seed-bomb experience!

Liz McAllister, board member and a two-year AmeriCorps alumna, facilitated the seed-bomb portion of the event with Iowa Program Manager Mark Wilson for Jester Nature Park Center’s grand opening. The event brought in almost 1,000 community members, all of whom participated in the seed-bomb making with other AmeriCorps members.

“Since moving to Iowa two years ago,I wanted to maintain a connection to conservation and build a community around sustaining the environment,” Liz expressed. “There was a really amazing presence that day.”