A Year in Photographs

By Dianna Soto, Mankato 1 Field Crew Member / AmeriCorps Member


The first picture is a purple-ish pink flower that was found at Nerstrand Big Woods State Park. While we were at this state park doing tree planting.
The second picture is of some cactuses that my crew had found at Blue Mounds State Park. Which I thought was cool because I would have never thought that there would be cactuses in Minnesota. But it turns out there are some spots in Minnesota where these plants are native.
The third picture is of a yellow flower that I believe we also found at Nerstrand State Park.
The fourth picture would be a prairie rose or a wild rose. Which just so happens to be my favorite type of rose. I believe they smell better than any rose you could buy in a store.
Bergamot is the fifth picture that was taken at Blue Mounds State Park. Probably one of the best pictures that I took of a flowering plant yet.
The Super Blue Moon was an incredible sight to see while on a spike trip. We saw this incredible moon while we were staying at Split Rock Creek State park, Just near Pipestone, Minnesota.
This yellow flower that looks like a sunflower, probably is one I’m just not sure, but was just a flower that I had to take a picture of.
The overview picture of a town is what I remember from Blue Mounds State Park. It makes you think that we miss so much doing the things in life that are our routines. And we forget to look at the bigger picture, and to see what we versious that we don’t have.
This next picture is of some of the rock formations by the quarry in Blue Mounds State Park. It’s a reminder to me of how small we are compared to somethings in life.
Can you spot the animal in the next picture? This baby deer was hiding in the nettles waiting for its mom to come back.
Spike trips aren’t always work, we get to have fun also. And for me seeing a beautiful sunset while sitting on a dock is plenty.
While working at Nerstrand State Park I had stumbled across a type of strawberry plant.
Another amazing picture example of taking in the moment. This bridge was amazing to walk across at Split Rock Creek State Park.
I thought this purple flower was just perfect to capture the moment. I believe this flower is a type of violet.
This picture of a snowy landscape looks completely different from when the flowers and plants are in bloom. This was earlier in the term while we were on our first spike trip, which took place at Blue Mounds.
It was nice to get an up close picture of our insect friends that help us pollinate the plants we want to protect and take care of.
Another sunset picture that makes you relax. And take in the moment.
On one of our most recent spike trips we had found some puffball mushrooms at Kilen Woods State Park.we had called the area where we found the mushrooms “puffball city”. I thought it was a perfect name for the place.
The next picture is of a mushroom that was a tree that I couldn’t tell what it was but it looked cool.
When we were working in Flandrau State Park we worked with some furry friends that I never thought to work with.