Member Stories

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Bella Araiza, Recruitment Capacity Building Specialist Individual Placement / AmeriCorps Member   Crew Member at Yellow River State Forest PC: Bella A No… Read More

Ode to a Wood Duck

By Caroline LaBorde, Minnesota Valley Field Crew Member / AmeriCorps Member   CCMI MN Valley Crew Lead Veronica by a Compass Plant at Pauley WPA… Read More

Thanks for an Unforgettable Summer

By Madeline Peterson, Anoka Field Crew Leader / AmeriCorps Member   I can’t believe February 1st was over six months ago. It seems like only yesterday… Read More

A Glimpse of Tamarac

By Cyrus Bird-Walker, Brainerd Field Crew Leader / AmeriCorps Member   The start of the project proved to be difficult. We had neoprene waders for a… Read More

End of the Summer Season

 By Tarryn Hanson, Rochester Maples Field Crew Leader / AmeriCorps Member   The remaining black-cap raspberries we didn’t pick. These are underripe and will be… Read More

What Should Have Been an Ending is Just the Beginning

By Alyssia Bell, IDEC fellow   My internship at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency through the Increasing Diversity in Environmental Careers (IDEC) has been an… Read More