Conservation Corps MN & IA Responds to Iowa Flooding Disaster

Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa deployed a crew to Hamburg, Iowa in response to the flooding natural disaster. This 30-day deployment of 13 AmeriCorps members and two staff will assist Iowa community residents in Southwest Iowa of who are recovering from last month’s massive floods compounded by snow melt.

“I chose to participate in this natural disaster recovery because I know people who have been affected and live and work in the affected community,” said crew member Joseph Campbell. “To me, there is nothing more important for us to do with our time than to help our neighbors in need. It takes so many people, so many resources, and so much time to orchestrate everything and I am grateful to play my part in helping the community of Hamburg.” Joseph Campbell, from Avoca, Iowa, is deployed with Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa as part of his year-long AmeriCorps field-crew placement based in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Serving throughout southwest Iowa, AmeriCorps members are engaged in many types of response activities from survivor outreach and homeowner intake to residential services such as property assessments, mucking & gutting, and mold suppression. Members are also assisting with donations management and coordinating volunteers coming into the affected communities.

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