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Crews keep Split Rock & Goosberry State Park visitors safe

Split Rock Lighthouse is a North Shore icon. Built in 1910 in response to frequent shipwrecks during 1905, this historic landmark and the surrounding state park now bring in tourists from all over the country. But with all these tourists come increasing safety and erosion concerns due to the large number of visitors. This month, two of our NE crews worked in conjunction with state park staff to ensure visitors have an enjoyable and safe stay at this popular destination.

Members of the Gooseberry and Tofte crews worked at Split Rock State Park to install 30 fire rings, tent pads and new benches. Crew members also served at Gooseberry State Park where they built a 10’ x 6’ rock wall at an overlook by the visitor center to prevent erosion. They also added a six-foot step to one of the trails and added gravel to 100 feet of washed out trail.

The impact of our work was immediate. Numerous park-goers expressed their gratitude while crews worked on the trails, giving them an opportunity to talk about their work with the Corps.  Assistant Park Manager, Christa Maxwell was also grateful for the crews. “I was impressed with the level of professionalism and enthusiasm these crews applied to the projects. It is a pleasure working with CCM crews,” she said.

Two people installing fire ring
[Image Description] Two people in hard hats lean over a cooking fire ring in a forest campsite looking at a bubble level ruler laying across the top.
Person in hard haring using shovel
[Image Description] A person in a blue hard hat. gloves, and Minnesota Duluth hooded sweatshirt used a shovel on a forest trail.
Two people construct a forest trail.
[Image description] Two people wearing hard hats look at a part of a trail construction project with straw and jagged rocks.
Pounding nails into a boardwalk
[Image description] Two people in hard hats on a trail. one stands on the trail boardwalk looking as the other pounds a nail into the boards.
Moving boulders into place on trail
[Image Description] Two people in hard hats and gloves move large rocks in front of a trailside bench.
standing on top of rock pile
[Three people in hard hats holding shovels stand on top of a pile of large rocks.