Road-trips, ravines, and rattlesnakes

By Kelsey Brock, Southern District, Mankato Crew

Last month, our crew completed our first ten-day spike trip all the way to Nebraska. This started off with a ten-hour car ride, and then meeting up with one of Rochester’s crews at Scott’s Bluff National Monument. This was not only a place with gorgeous scenery, but also has the Oregon Trail running through it as well.

When we finally arrived, we got to see all the amazing sites this place had to offer, from down into its ravines all the way up to the views from the top of the bluffs. We even got the chance to attend a star gazing event at the top to check out some planets and constellations.

Once we got to work, our main focus was to spray invasive species of thistle, along with some removal of puncture vine. So for the next week and half, we adventured across prairies, down into ravines, and climbing up bluffs to take down some thistles. Rattlesnakes were seen, pants were ripped, and the sweat was very real. But it was a great opportunity to be able to work everyday surrounded by such unique beauty, and we had a lot of fun doing it. .

*many thistles were harmed in the making of this spike trip*