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Un/finished – The Story Continues

By Caroline LaBorde, Minnesota Valley Field Crew Member / AmeriCorps Member

Swamp bridge at Hurstville Interpretive Center in IA

A morning devotional I’ve been going through this past month has been making me question some of my long-held beliefs. Not to a ‘change-my-whole-life’ extreme, but more to having to confront my biases and how they affect my interactions with others. Bias is easy not to notice until it gets confronted, lurking at the edge of our subconscious to create part of the lens we as individuals see the world through. An analogy I heard from someone in the C­orps that I found interesting is to think of different people’s perspective as pairs of glasses, some people like to use their bias as a way to look smarter (say, tortoiseshell blue-light glasses) while others hide it to look more amenable (those funky patterned mustache sunglasses we wore in the 2010’s). Either way, it can become something that eventually no one notices, a quiet creep just a little to the side and backwards if you will. So, where do you go when you’re stuck in a mindset? Do you have a good support system that will recognize that you slid and gently help you correct it or does it become such a problem that it takes a harsh wake up call for things to change?

Turkey tail Mushrooms at Rapids Lake.
Cargo plane flying low over USFWS Bloomington Wildlife Refuge