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Youth complete spring term with service projects

To culminate their 11-week service term, participants in the Youth Outdoors program design and implement service projects in communities where they serve. On May 30, 10 youth crews spread out across Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Ramsey County to prep and plant gardens and an orchard; build and install shelters for birds, bees, bats and squirrels; and volunteer at a garden nursery and a bike shop.

painted bird house

group painting bird houses

group planting a rain garden

wooden fence in front of small grocery

wooden fence in front of small grocery

person pulling weeds

member pulling a vine

members looking at seed packets in group

member smiling in front of brush pile

member planting seeds in fresh soil

members standing in front of bird houses they made

members standing behind new birdhouses

member taking picture of birdhouse

students painting wood slats on ground

leader looking at birdhouse with member