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Updates & Stories

Where are they now? Sean Wickhem

During his four years of service in the Corps, Sean Wickhem did everything from documenting scenic easement parcels by canoe to leading youth in community service, training people how to camp to installing solar panels. Read more. Read More

Where there is a way…there are obstacles

During my three months as a solar heat outreach specialist, I have worked to make connections with community resources while figuring out exactly how my job works. Lately, I feel a lot more like I know what I am doing. I performed my solar furnace presentation for a crowd at an event called Solar Day, which I had devoted much of my work time to since starting. Despite my newness, everything went well. I managed to start a couple of relationships with groups interested in using solar furnaces for themselves and had fun sharing with various others. I even got to be on the local news! It was satisfying to see the payoff of jumping right in. That day is definitely a highlight of my service so far. Read More

Where Are They Now? Thomas Hark

Thomas Hark’s Corps experience stretches back to the federal Youth Conservation Corps, where he served as a crew leader in 1979 in Young… Read More

Where Are They Now? Jane Sunram

Though Jane Sunram served in the Corps more than 30 years ago, she still remembers her summer in the Young Adult Conservation Corps as a great opportunity that included hard work and changed her relationship with nature. Her crew was based in cabins at Lake Itasca, working days in the field. Read More

Where Are They Now? Dain Spurgeon

Before his service in the Corps, Dain Spurgeon never imagined he would end up a professional firefighter. Read more. Read More

Where Are They Now? Rachel Tooker

Catch up on Rachel Tooker, who served as a crew leader from 2008-2010 in Rochester, MN and Ames, IA. Read More

Where Are They Now? Hollis Emery

It might have been the chainsaw that lured Hollis Emery to northeast Minnesota to serve as a crew leader in 2010. The previous year, she had left a California law firm job to serve EarthCorps in Seattle and was hooked on the Corps experience. Read More

Where Are They Now? Bob Welsh

Bob Welsh makes a direct link between his service in Minnesota Conservation Corps in 1987 and his long career… Read More