A summer in Bridges

By: Lauren Waldrip The day was Friday. It was the 18th of August, which marked the end of Bridges’ summer term. Our rag-tag group of 9… Read More

Learning through service

There is no one way to learn. Visual learners understand lessons best through images and spatial understanding, while auditory learners prefer sounds and music. A… Read More

Small moments, big impact

What are kids into these days? Video games, fidget spinners, Snapchat? There are always new and exciting toys and technology competing for young people’s attention. Read More

New blogger: Tamara Beal

Name: Tamara Beal Crew: Wildlife Studies Hometown: Sherrill, NY College: Eastern University Favorite food: Seafood-lobster! Hobbies: Sports, reading, arts and crafts,… Read More

Maintaining a high standard

Impressions count – and they last. Minnesota has a well-earned reputation as a great place to enjoy the out-of-doors, and part of the mission of… Read More

Can it last forever?

By: Alyson Eversman             I remember thinking so, it’s really over? after finishing my first service term with Conservation Corps last summer. Even going through… Read More