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New blogger: Alyson Eversman

Name:  Alyson Eversman Crew:   Martin SWCD Hometown: Fairmont, MN College (if attended):   Northwestern College Favorite food:  Popcorn Hobbies: Reading, writing, hammocking Favorite outdoor… Read More

Learning to lead

By: Lauren Waldrip Things are moving pretty quickly as Youth Outdoors wraps up their spring term. The last-day banquet for youth crews takes place in… Read More

A part of history

By: Erika Birnbaum Up on the northern point of Minnesota is the Grand Portage Reservation. Within the reservation is a National… Read More

Long Story Short: a music video

Here’s a shout out to all the alumni and current members who’ve gotten lost in the woods at work. Here my band Second Story vamped… Read More

Hard at work

By: Kristina Luotto My past few weeks with Conservation Corps have flown by. I’ve been BUSY. We’ve driven 3,000 miles, burned… Read More

Keeping Minnesota Waters Swimmable, Fishable- and Enjoyable

Ecology is a discipline very interested in “parts per million” of this and “desirable levels” of that. So, it’s somewhat surprising the litmus test for… Read More