Member Stories

Keep on going

As difficult as things can get – at home, at work, anywhere you go – it helps to keep up a positive mental attitude (PMA). Whether we’re working on a project we absolutely love, or a project that is just defeating our crew, we simply keep going.  Read More

Erosion control and gully repair: muddy and rewarding work

The banks of rivers and streams naturally erode, allowing waterways to meander and change course. Sometimes, though, banks with less woody plants or loose soil types can erode more dramatically, affecting habitat and property, causing sediment buildup and potentially harming the fish and wildlife that depend on the stability of the ecosystem. Read More

Keeping the Mississippi clean

Yesterday the Central District crews had the chance to help clean up the Mississippi River through the DNR Adopt-a-River program. Our morning started at Harriet Island, where volunteers signed up for cleaning zones and boarded a boat for a ride down the Mississippi. Along the way we were told some facts about previous floods and cleanups, and got a pretty good view of the city in the distance. Read More

So close yet so far away

Snag removal work on the river can be – and usually is – unpredictable. Snags come in all shapes and sizes from an easy single cut to a complex three-hour job. A five-mile stretch may be completely clear and take no more than an hour to paddle. On the other hand there is the possibility of only having a half-mile stretch cleared for an entire day's effort. Many days we don't know which one we're getting until we are on the water, which requires us to be flexible and adapt to ever-changing plans and timelines.  Read More

Getting a new battery

I joined the Conservation Corps to refresh my body, soul and mind because I felt like a car that wouldn’t start. As a new part-timer in the Polk County crew, I am confident that through working with the Corps, I will receive a new battery to light my ignition. Today I had a close call that nearly lost me that opportunity. Read More

Community gardens

As you're walking down George Street in Saint Paul there are a few things you may notice. First, a bridge that goes over Robert Street with a very strange four-way stop system. Push ahead, you might stop by the charming little Riverview Branch Library and take in their welcome flora setup by the stairs. WAIT! This is not your final destination; keep going.  Read More