Central MN

Cedar Tree Revetment

by Kaia Bierman, Central District Field Crew Leader/ AmeriCorps Member The start of the 2021 Field Crew term for the Watershed Crew was not what… Read More

My Journey as a Leader

by Kayla Wagner, Central District Field Crew Leader/ AmeriCorps Member Throughout high school, I found myself drawn to leadership roles. My first experience as a… Read More

Water quality testing on a a cold Minnesota day

Youth Outdoors Crew YO3B Capstone Project by youth members Kenyon Barnett, Alejandro Flores, Armando Flores, Britney Florian, and Ehler Dwe On November 2nd, 2019 our… Read More

Weathering the weather

by Jaleesa Houle, crew leader/ AmeriCorps member, central district One of the most challenging parts of our job is taking on the elements. My… Read More

A quagmire of value

by Caroline Fazzio, central district crew leader/ AmeriCorps member I have written multiple blogs over the past two years describing many unique experiences I… Read More

Restoring the prairie

by Annika Feight, central district crew member/ AmeriCorps member If you have spent any time at some of the Three Rivers Park District’s lands, you… Read More