Member Stories

Rain gardens in the metro

One of the largest problems in urban areas is dealing with stormwater. The excessive amount of concrete in urban areas means that water is unable to flow directly into the ground. In fact, even your front lawn will produce runoff because the dense grass and root systems do not allow for much water to actually soak in. Because of this we have storm drains that direct water out of the streets and out of sight as quickly as possible. Read More

The Garlic Mustard Wars… and other adventures

Disturbing the picturesque scenery of Midwestern forests is an army of garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata). An invasive herb, it has been in North America since 1868. Being quite tasty, it was likely brought as food. It does make a good pesto. Since its arrival, however, it has become one the most invasive plant species of the eastern U.S. and Canada. Read More

Watch for the rooster tail!

Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes but what many people don’t realize is the number of rivers that can be found here. Of Minnesota’s 69,000 miles of rivers and streams, over 4,500 miles have been designated by the DNR as a water trail, a stretch of river maintained for recreation and paddling purposes. Year in and year out this state has been rated as having one of the best water trail systems in the country. However, until recently, many people have failed to realize this recreational opportunity in their backyard. Read More

Nature inspires many things

By now you, your spouse/significant other, your dog and even the elderly couple down the street have had the opportunity to take a stroll or two outside in the gorgeous weather Minnesota has been having. The leaves are turning green and the flowers are starting to bloom like our souls from their winter hibernation. Even the thunderous claps from the sky, pouring down on us these past few weeks have been beautiful in their own regard, inspiring spring attitudes and nostalgic memories of storms of yesteryears. This may all seem fine and dandy, but you ask, “What does this all mean?” Read More

Transforming Lilydale

Nestled between the Mississippi River and Pickerel Lake, just southwest of Harriet Island in St. Paul, lies Lilydale Regional Park. Named for the town that once stood in the low-lying floodplain, Lilydale is a well of natural and cultural history in Minnesota. Read More

Welcome to our second crew of bloggers

We are thrilled to have a large contingent of bloggers this year, sharing their experience while in the Corps. If you haven't seen the first month of posts from our inaugural group of five writers, scroll down and check them out! In the meantime, we welcome four more, three of them from our Iowa and Missouri crews.  Read More