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Updates & Stories

Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa Deploys AmeriCorps members to Southwest Iowa

HAMBURG, IOWA, April 11, 2019 – Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa deployed a crew to Hamburg, Iowa in response to the flooding natural disaster. This 30-day deployment of 13 AmeriCorps members and two staff will assist Iowa community residents in Southwest Iowa of who are recovering from last month’s massive floods compounded by snow melt. Read More

A (Seed) Bomb Grand Opening

Who knew a small, rolled up piece of clay, compost and native seed could cause such a bang! These little guys (AKA seed-bombs) create a plentiful, flowering wonderland, often in places gardeners cannot reach. Luckily for Jester Nature Park Center in Granger Iowa, they got the full seed-bomb experience! Read More

Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa Deploys Nine Members to Puerto Rico

SAINT PAUL, Minn., July 19, 2018 – After a previous disaster relief deployment in response to Hurricane Maria in the fall of 2017, Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa deployed a new crew on Monday, July 16th to San Juan, Puerto Rico. This 30-day deployment of six AmeriCorps members and three staff will assist residents of San Juan who have been impacted by Hurricane Maria. Read More

Snow + deer season + great company = memories

(Warning: This post contains some graphic photos) By: Tamara Beal Although it was not much, large white snowflakes covered the ground at our office in… Read More

Not for the faint of heart

(Warning: this post contains some graphic photos) By: Tamara Beal There is no time of the year where bats get more attention than Halloween! A… Read More

My other office is a canoe

I recently had the great pleasure of attending two Conservation Corps mid-year retreats; one for Individual Placements like me, and one for crews. The time spent with my fellow Corps members has been just the refreshment I needed. As Individual Placements, we don’t get as many opportunities to build camaraderie. It was nice to finally feel a true sense of community amongst my peers whether it was throwing down on the field during Corps Olympics or just relaxing around a campfire throwing a Frisbee. Victory was oh so sweet after my Olympics team, Loon, laid everything out there. Whatever hole was left from loss of dignity and sore muscles was quickly filled with s’mores. Besides the fun, I was glad we Individual Placements all got a chance to talk about our similar experiences; struggles, victories and all. Read More