Summer Youth Corps

Summer Youth Corps Crew Training Begins

The Summer Youth Corps is made up of 137 youth, 26 AmeriCorps crew leaders, two swampers, two cooks and five head staff members. 30 percent of the Summer Youth Corps youth crew members and crew leaders are deaf and hard-of-hearing. Summer Youth Corps travels to various locations across Minnesota, Iowa and North Dakota to manage natural resources and learn about ecology, Minnesota’s history and American Sign Language. Summer Youth Corps youth crew members come from diverse geographic locations, and this diversity of the program is what makes the summer unforgettable. Crew members also walk away with one of the greatest experiences of their lives. Read More

Where Are They Now? Thomas Hark

Thomas Hark’s Corps experience stretches back to the federal Youth Conservation Corps, where he served as a crew leader in 1979 in Young… Read More

Summer Youth Corps featured in River Management Society Journal

The River Management Society of Takoma Park, Maryland published Summer Youth Coordinator Nina Eagen’s article discussing the work of Conservation Corps Minnesota and… Read More